Cuttings are another popular method of plant propagation. Cuttings can be taken from leaves, stem, or roots and placed into a growing medium such as soil or water to produce new plants.

Numerous plants can be easily propagated through leaf cuttings. Leaf cuttings can be done using the entire leaf or sections of one.  Whole leaf cuttings can be placed directly into a shallow hole of potting soil, gently pressing in around the leaf, and misted well with water. Sections of a leaf (about ¾-inch) can be taken as well and placed on top of a soil-filled container, moistened with water and covered with a clear plastic bag, with some holes for ventilation. Misted daily, new plantlets should begin forming on the leaf cuttings within about 4-6 weeks. Stem cuttings are usually taken by clipping off a piece of stem with scissors or garden pruners and placing it into a container of potting soil or water. Root cuttings involve cutting a plant root into sections with each section placed into the soil. As with leaf cuttings, these should be watered and covered with clear plastic bags. Within 3-6 weeks, roots should begin forming.