The London Children’s Flower Society has been running flower growing competitions for more than 70 years and with the current trend for gardening we are ideally placed to encourage school children to “have a go” and grow something. We aim to match the needs of the schools and enhance the requirements of the national curriculum.

The Society currently organises three gardening competitions per year. For the Spring Bulb Competition we ask children to grow daffodils and hyacinths over the winter. In the summer the children grow flowers, herbs and vegetables. Once the flowers and plants have grown we send out our team of volunteers to visit the schools (in March for the bulbs and July for the flowers, herbs and vegetables), to judge the displays and to award certificates and stickers to all the children who have participated. We also organise a School garden competition to coincide with the Summer Growing Competition.

Planting instructions are provided and we would be delighted to receive photographs of the children and the fruits of their endeavours for possible publication.

At the end of the growing year, we hold a trophy Ceremony where 27 of our competition winning schools are awarded trophies and prizes for their efforts.