Planting in the Playground

The London Children’s Flower Society are looking to launch a new Planting in the Playground project. We want to identify schools across London that require our help and support in setting up a green space/garden in their school playgrounds as playgrounds are important for kids and even soft play areas so learning How to Choose the Right Soft Play Equipment for your setting is important as well. Ideally we would like to offer this project to a hundred schools.

We will supply a package to each school selected that will include; a planter/cold frame, compost, seeds/bulbs, set of gardening tools and gardening book. Alongside this we will pledge to support each school for a period of two years and supply compost & seeds as well as encourage the children to get involved in our gardening competitions too.

Once we secure funding, we will invite schools across London to complete a questionnaire and based on their responses we will select the schools we feel are eligible and in most need of our help and support.


A quote from out President Alan Titchmarsh who wholeheartedly endorses this project:

“Never has it been more vital that children understand not only where their food comes from, but also the importance of the living world – plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables – when it comes to caring for the planet.  Planting in the Playground aims to raise awareness of the enjoyment of growing things as well as showing how plants and flowers enrich our lives and contribute to the greening of our surroundings.  Some schools have little room for a fully fledged ‘school garden’ or nature area, but every school can do its bit with troughs of vegetables and flowers, maybe a tree in a corner, and some kind of green space that helps children understand how plants grow and how much our survival depends upon them. Plants contribute enormously to our mental health and have been a real life saver this year.  Every school owes it to their children to give them access to a growing world, and the London Children’s Flower Society project ‘Planting in the Playground’ is a brilliant way of achieving that.”
Alan Titchmarsh MBE