Spring Competition

Purchase bulbs and Apply for the competition here

Applications for the 2020/21 Spring Bulb Competition have been sent to all schools on our database. If you would like to enter for the first time, or find out more, please contact us at info.lcfs@btconnect.com or telephone the office on 01689 821288.

We have now produced a Schedule for the Spring Competition which outlines the judging criteria and rules.  You can download a copy here

The Spring Bulb Growing Competition begins in September when we contact schools on our mailing list inviting them to enter the competition. If your school is not on our mailing list please use the web application which provides bulb varieties and prices.


Here is what we offer:

  • Bulbs at very competitive prices and with free delivery
  • Plastic pots
  • No entry fee for the competition
  • Our judges will visit on a date convenient to you and award every child with a merit certificate plus a bronze, silver or gold sticker
  • Schools can win trophies and prizes, including garden tools sets, gardening vouchers, books and educational visits to places such as Kew Gardens.

Please advertise the competition throughout your school to encourage all classes to participate.

The schools decide for themselves how to make use of the bulbs. Some schools may have given a bulb to each child to take home whereas other schools choose to grow them collectively at school.

Chesterton School

In late February and early March we send out our team of volunteers to visit the schools and to judge the plants grown by the children. The volunteer judge will award certificates and stickers to all participating children. Overall school awards will be issued in May and for those schools which have produced excellent results there could be an invitation to our awards ceremony in October.

Purchase bulbs and Apply for the competition here